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About eBiz

About eBiz


eBiz Professionals Inc. was founded in 1999 in Guelph, Canada, by Rudy Tiwari. Throughout our history, eBiz has provided advisory services, decision support, operational expertise and project management practices to small and mid-sized enterprises, and to a few very large organizations.

We are comprised of qualified professionals who work from the ground up to develop effective business solutions for all clients in all sectors of the agri-food industry. With our international experience, eBiz has developed a specialized understanding in food safety, traceability, animal health and biosecurity

Today, eBiz Professionals Inc. is the proud supplier to many industry and public sector leaders. In the agriculture and food industry, our clients are: The Canadian Food Inspection Agency; The Ontario Cattleman´s AssoceBiz Professionals Inc - Traceability, Biosecurity, Food Safety, and Animal Health Specialistsiation; The Ontario Veal Association; The Ontario Livestock Alliance; The Ontario Sheep Industry; The Asparagus Marketing Board; The Poultry Industry Council and Ontario Livestock and Poultry Council; Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs; The Food Safety Network;  and Agriculture-Agrifood Canada.
eBiz also operates in the healthcare system: Medbuy Corporation; and Healthcare Supply Chain Network are among our clients.

eBiz is a private corporation - owned and operated by the principal and employees of the company. We are committed to operational excellence, collaboration, honesty and integrity in every engagement we undertake.


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